UUOEF is a non-profit organization

We are focused on impacting humanity by encouraging education, learning, growth and excellence.


We are focused on impacting humanity by encouraging education, learning, growth and excellence.


Encourage learning, impact lives and provide support to individuals in their pursuit of a life of excellence.

”Without the opportunity to learn, children can’t develop to their full potential- They are more likely to be trapped in cycles of poverty, poor health and forced labour”

”Adolescents need lifelong learning to build better futures for themselves, their families and their communities”

”Without quality education, children face considerable barriers to employment later in life. They are more likely to suffer adverse health outcomes and less likely to participate in decisions that affect them- threatening their ability to shape a better future for themselves and their societies”

About Founder

Dame Dr. Mrs. Uju Uchendu Ozoka (1960 – 2023) was a philanthropist per excellence. A visionary humanitarian and the president of Child Network Organisation (CNO).

This foundation adopted children providing shelter, food, education, love and most importantly a family to abandoned, destitute and the less privileged ones in our society, especially children.

Many of these children have now grown into adults and are excelling in their own families and in their chosen career field.

The Uju Uchendu Ozoka Education Foundation (UUOEF) is a non- governmental charitable organisation in honour of her legacy.

This foundation will support individuals and families with education, thereby encouraging beneficiaries attain the educational pursuit of their choice.

Everyone should be able to access basic education and go beyond if they choose to irrespective of their social status or background.

The vision of this organisation is to transform lives positively by empowering lives through education for decades to come.

Mrs Uju Uchendu Ozoka

Chief Mrs. Uju Uchendu Ozoka

1960 – 2023

nneka ozoka

Dr. Mrs. Nneka Crystal Uju Igbokwe
(nee Ozoka)

About President

The President of the Uju Uchendu Ozoka Education Foundation (UUOEF) Dr Mrs Nneka Crystal Uju Igbokwe (nee Ozoka). She is the daughter of Mrs Uju Uchendu Ozoka.

Dr Crystal has been actively involved in management of Child Health Organisation and has started the UUOEF to honour the legacy and humanitarian acts of her mum.

She is a medical doctor who works and resides with her family in the United Kingdom.

Her vision is to continue her mother’s legacy of caring for the downtrodden in the society, supporting them in attaining education to positively impact them with the right tools to effectively impact their world.

How it Works

Get Answers to Your Questions: Explore Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Section

The Initial UUOEF means Uju Uchendu Ozoka Education Foundation.

A non-governmental humanitarian organisation in Nigeria.

Our vision and mission goes beyond the spheres of Africa.

To help individuals access education in various categories to improve their lives and enable them create a brighter future for themselves and positively impact the society.

UUOEF was officially registered in 2024 but its impact has been for a while. Initially being a part of Child Network Organisation – Nigeria, for over two decades and now branching out to continue the work of the founder.

By applying on the website and telling us about your personal circumstances and why you need this support. There will also be an interview.

There are various ways of being a sponsor.

Donating learning materials such as books, educational gadgets and so much more to individuals, schools, libraries or community that can help equip an individual for success.

If you have a child you are presently supporting we can work with you to mentor and guide the individual through education and learning beyond the classroom- such as by supporting their mental health, help shape and build character and equip them with skills of their interest.

By sponsoring the individual directly and providing support to the families, so you can directly work with the individual, school, families through an appointed staff of the organisation and social worker in the community.

You can also contribute financially, and we will use the funds to support the individual.

Lastly, if you have any other ways you are interested in supporting an individual, the families, schools, libraries and community please inform us and we are happy to work with you.

The donations are used to support an individual through education- formal or informal and also provide some stipends for them.

Funds are also provided to teachers/lecturers involved in impacting their knowledge to the beneficiaries of this foundation.

Literally anything that helps impact knowledge.
From books, laptops, money, and importantly your services by volunteering with the organisation.

Supporting individuals to put themselves through school or learn a skill.

Equipping libraries and learning centres.

Our team of dedicated and experienced staff determine which individual and families need support by using several criteria; such as – family source of income, personal drive and desire and history of determination/pursuit of excellence. We also look at their history and interest in past academic achievements.

Yes please, you can sponsor a child directly, just let us know and you can be intouch with the school. Your child will also love to hear from you.

Pls send an email with your questions, ideas and contributions.

You have the zeal to pursue an excellent career life but cannot afford it and family members or close relatives are unable to support.

We can help you by providing support and encouragement to compliment what you have to enable you attain the education and life that you want.

To take this learning opportunity serious and work hard and be diligent in whatever your educational pursuit is. In addition, when done with your education, it will be appreciated if you can continue the circle of love and support by also sponsoring an individual or being a part of the community if you are able to.

To support children and families pursue education.

To support in equipping individuals, families and schools to enable them be adequately equipped to attain knowledge.

To be involved in Health education and outreaches – social media and in person to educate people on various pertinent subjects- Mental Health, Women’s and Men’s health, Child health and other pertinent health topics.

To help equip libraries and other learning centres.

To encourage and support adult beneficiaries to develop and equip themselves with various skills and craft and support them in starting the desired business of their choice to empower them to support their families and children.

And so much more.

The fulfilment and satisfaction derived from being part of a community of individuals who are passionate about impacting lives and making outstanding contributions to the society

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    Want To
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    Below are the available ways you can opt for in contacting us. You could also do so by filling the contact form.

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